What we are looking for…

We are looking for unique, great, well-written, quality and fun articles for our Interactive Biology site followers to use as additional guide for learning. We welcome anything from general concepts, research, how-to’s, case-studies, analyses, and opinions in your articles in the field of Biology. We encourage teachers, students, medical professionals, science bloggers or even enthusiasts who have a knack for biological sciences to join us in the fun as we spread our knowledge and answer questions that are bugging people in the Biological world.

Put in mind when writing your articles that…

We want UNIQUE articles, your own articles. That is, previously unpublished nor is under consideration for publication elsewhere. Avoid submitting the same article to other sites at the same time. We won’t tolerate plagiarism, and we do use an article checker to verify all articles submitted to us for approval.

Not just unique, but, we want FUN articles too. It’s always more effective to learn while having fun– encourages our readers to read more, and draw them in rather than away from the site.

We are looking for QUALITY articles. This means, before you submit your article, make sure you copy-edit or proofread to avoid any grammatical and spelling errors. This is specially applicable when using scientific terms.

As of the moment, we only accept articles in English.

Your topics should be relevant and related to anything under Interactive Biology’s scope. That is, related to the Biological sciences, Anatomy and Physiology, Neuroscience, Pathophysiology, Ecology and more.

A Note About the Evolution/Creation debate (Important)

Here at Interactive Biology, we recognize that the evolution/creation debate is a heated issue with diehard proponents on both sides of the spectrum. However, we do NOT wish to enter into that debate. For this reason, no articles will be accepted with any reference to either Evolution or Creation.

Formatting Guidelines


A reader’s first impressions usually depend on how well you encourage them to read your article through your titles. Make your title as interesting as they can sound.

Capitalize the first letter of every major word.

Your title should basically give the major idea of what your content would be about. Make it concrete.


Use a uniformed and consistent style all throughout the article for easier reading.

Content should be properly outlined, concise, and direct to the point.

It is a good idea to include subheadings for the different sections of your articles.

Avoid redundancy as much as possible.

Double check your spelling.

Use proper sentence structure and ensure subject-verb agreement in tenses.

Other than that, just make it direct to the point, informational and fun!


We take copyright infringement seriously and only use images with the appropriate permission. We encourage you to use images in your posts, but make sure your images fit into one of the following categories:

  • Images that you own the rights to (e.g. images that you took that don’t require a release)
  • Creative Commons Images, with appropriate image credits
  • Public Domain Images
  • Royalty-free images that you have the rights to use


These are the sites we recommend for you to use to get images from. However, you aren’t limited to these two sites, as long as you follow the Image Guidelines above:

  • Wikimedia Commons: This is a great source for Public Domain and Creative Commons images.
  • Can Stock Photo: This is our sponsor and we’re allowed to use images that they provide. They have HIGH QUALITY royalty Free images. If you find relevant images here that suit your articles, please send links to the image Info pages to articles (at) interactive-biology (dot) com and we’ll take care of adding them to your articles

Article Submission

If you are submitting an article for application, please send it to articles (at) interactive-biology (dot) com. If approved, you will be given an account here at Interactive Biology to submit your articles directly.