March 8, 2010

Video: The Skeletal System, its Structure and Function

The skeletal system is an awesome structure, and is essential for the protection of our Internal organs, providing a framework for our bodies, producing blood cells and producing blood cells. In this lecture, I deal with the structure of its two main parts: The axial and appendicular skeletons, how bones are formed and details about the functions associated with the skeletal system. I end the lecture by talking about bone injury and disease, such as Osteoporosis.

This is section 34.2 in the textbook Biology: The Dynamics of Life and is part of the chapter on Protection, Locomotion and Support. The audio for this section and the next is a little messed up in some places because there seems to have been a short in the wireless mic cable I was using. However, it’s good enough for you to hear it all.



  • The Structure of the Skeletal System
  • The Formation of the Skeletal System
  • The Function of the Skeletal System
  • Bone Injury and disease

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