February 5, 2010

Video: From DNA to Protein


DNA is expressed and put into action through proteins. These proteins are involved in structural support and they also act as enzymes. Enzymes are involved in all of the chemical reactions that happen in the body. In this lecture, I first talk about the relationship between DNA and Protein and how this relationship leads to all of the traits that an organism expresses. I then go into the differences between DNA and RNA.

Transcription is the process that results in the production of mRNA. Translation ultimately results in the production of proteins. Understanding these to processes is essential to our understanding of how DNA is the Blueprint of Life.

This is part Chapter 11 in the textbook Biology: The Dynamics of Life, which is the chapter on DNA and Genes.


  • Genes and Proteins
  • RNA and its functions
  • Transcription
  • Tranlation

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