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Meiosis is a process that body cells undergo that results in the production of gametes (sex cells). The male gamete is the sperm and the female gamete is the egg. When a cell undergoes meiosis, the end result is 4 gametes, with half as much genetic information (haploid). In this section, I talk about Chromosomes and genes and how the process of Meiosis plays a vital role in living things. I also go through the steps of Meiosis in some detail.

At the end, I talk about mistakes that can happen in Meiosis and how this can either lead to significant problems or (in some cases) benefits, depending on the organism involved.

This is part of Chapter 10 in the textbook Biology: The Dynamics of Life, which is the chapter on Mendel and Meiosis.


  • The Two Types of Cells
  • Chromosomes and Genes
  • Meiosis
  • Mistakes in Meiosis

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  2. hello and thankyou soo much,i am flying through biology because of you THANKYOU AGAIN..however i know you do not take request but i do think that you are the only one that can teahc mitosis and meiosis in a way that everyone will understand, since it is very difficult and alot of people will benefit from it…
    thankyouuu again! hope to hear from you sooon

  3. I have been given this site by someone I met in tutoring and they shared that this site is the reason they passed Biology. I am having a hard time navigating the site.
    I have an exam on Mitosis and Meiosis and finals next week. Any help would be greatly appriciated.

  4. Why are the vids on meiosis and genetics not playing? I really wanted to watch these so I could brush up a bit

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