A General Overview on Diabetes and the Physiology Behind It

We all have met a diabetic person at one point or the other in our life. Diabetics are normal people, but don’t you wonder why are they called Diabetics? What’s going on with them? Why are they so particular about what they eat? Also, people suffering from Diabetes have to make sure they have less of sugar. Why so? Does eating a lot of sweet food stuff cause Diabetes?


Diabetes, also known as Insulin Deficiency Syndrome (IDS), is one of the most famous disorder all over the world as majority of the world population is affected by it

What happens exactly in Diabetes:

The most distinguishing fact about Diabetes is that it is a DISORDER and not a disease.

Now, the difference between disease and disorder is that disorder is caused by an external agent, whereas disease is an inborn error of metabolism or some problem in the basic functioning of our body.

Diabetes happens when there is a problem with the insulin production of our body.

What is Insulin?

Insulin is a hormone produced by pancreas which regulates the glucose in our blood. It takes up glucose from our blood so that it can be converted into glycogen which is stored up in fatty tissues of our body thus converting it into fat, which can be used by our body for energy.

It’s extremely essential as insulin production is directly related to the energy levels of our body.

What actually happens?

Now since insulin production is low, a very little amount of the glucose (carbohydrates) from the food we eat is stored for energy which defeats the basic purpose of eating. Our body needs the energy obtained from burning fats for various day-to-day as well as basic metabolic activities like breathing, digestion, vision , walking, sitting, etc.

Due to deficiency in insulin, very low amount of fat is stored in our body and our body experiences a deficit of energy, similar to a low battery. Imagine having low battery all the time!

Also, a large amount of glucose in our blood disrupts our system, hence insulin not only prevents damage but also indirectly provides the energy for basic metabolic activities, making it one of the most important hormone in human body. Now in Diabetes, since the basic insulin production is affected, this disorder greatly affects our body.

Hence a person having Diabetes usually feels tired and dizzy, even nauseous.

Thus, Diabetes is really a person having low energy levels all the time plus other internal problems due to high blood glucose levels, all due to faulty insulin production. Hence, a diabetic person frequently has to take insulin shots (injected directly into the blood stream).

Also, he has to regulate his diet and take his insulin drugs properly so as to have sufficient energy on a day-to-day basis so as to live a normal life.

Diabetes as of now is incurable but treatable enough that it can be brought under control using drugs.

So, this all is basically what Diabetes is. It’s not a complicated disorder nor tough to deal with. As long as it is kept under control, a person can happily live a normal life.

Note:In next article, we shall explore the symptoms and the weird history of Diabetes. Also, the reason why diabetics need to pee so frequently and how are ants related to Diabetes.


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