Genetics Is Not So Tough! (An Overview on Genetics)

There’s a Mad scientist in all of us. Who hasn’t wanted to know how a dog and an alligator hybrid would look? Though we know today that such things are scientifically impossible in animals, it really is possible in plants. Pomato, anyone?

We have hybridized vegetables, fruits and even glow in the dark plants. And this is all possible because of modern genetics. It is the wonder that has enabled the scientist to make glow-in-the-dark monkey also known as bio-luminescent monkey (not kidding).

This Monkey!

So people, Genetics is fun!

And the person that caused this chain reaction, who has greatly improved our quality of life today is Gregor Mendel.

Now, this guy was an extremely curious person and a dreamer from his childhood whose hobby was- you guessed it – gardening. Mendel was also greatly interested in science having studied physics and philosophy. He, however became a priest, giving him enough time to carry out his experiments.

So this Gregor Mendel, The Father of Genetics, what had he done so great that changed, that has improved our life to such a great extent? What was the value of his experiment? What was in this experiment that was so great that laid the foundations of genetics? What was this that gave us tremendous powers to manipulate Life as we know it?

Pea Plant

This world-changing experiment was nothing but a bunch of Pea plants.

That’s right, pea plants. Mendel grew and studied several different pea plants that he planted and cross-bred over a period of more than ten years and got to a conclusion– the very three fundamental laws that form the basis of today’s modern genetics.

So people, these basics are not complicated unlike many students make it out to be. They are simple little truths, small enough to be written on a piece of paper. Genetics is not difficult, it is fun. It is the branch for playful geniuses who are not afraid to foray into the world of the unknown.

Mendel was a scientific explorer, and since his time there have been various scientific explorers in our era till date. And the collection of all their fascinating finds, mistakes and accidents, as well as life altering discoveries is what we know today as the Branch of Genetics.

So guys, before you start studying Genetics, keep in mind that you are not merely studying, but also reading a documented journal of sorts of the Great adventures of the various scientific explorers throughout the world.


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