A View of the Cell – Presentation Slides

These are the slides for my Lecture entitled “A View of the Cell”. This chapter starts with a history of the Cell Theory going all the way back to the invention of the Microscope to the discovery that All plants and Animals contain cells. It then goes into the types of cells, the organelles and their functions. Enjoy!

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T-Cell Development and Maturation

T-Cell Development and Maturation

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  1. Awesome material Mr. Samuel. Thanks a lot. If I may ask do you have downloadable slides for the cardiovascular system. Would really appreciate it if you send me one. Your slides are amazingly simple and interesting. My email address [email protected]

    Thank you very much!

    Ian Arinsol

  2. Mr. Samuel,

    I hope you are well.

    Is there a way in which I could download your presentation? I will give you credit; this is not plagiarism. If you would I will be most grateful.

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