Video: Biomes – Communities and Biomes

Biomes are a broader category of organization that share the same climax community. In this section, I deal with the two categories of Biomes: Aquatic Biomes and Terrestrial Biomes. The aquatic biomes include the freshwater and marine environments, and the terrestrial biomes include the Tundra, Taiga, Temperate Forests, Deserts, Grasslands and Tropical Rain Forests. Watch this video to learn about these biomes, including the types of plants and animals we find in those biomes.

Outline of the lecture:

  • What is a Biome
  • Aquatic Biomes
  • Terrestrial Biomes

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  1. Bonjour Mr Samuel,

    I decided to go back to study for a career change and to set up my own business as a dietician, your videos are really helping me out as I used to be working a complete different line of work. I got to start all from scratch.
    I’ve searched on your site for a video talking about chapter 3.2 – biomes, couldn’t find any, hence, I was wondering if you made one and if it’s the case, if you could, please, forward me a link.

    And by the way you’re are doing a fantastic job!! I do enjoy your classes and certainly having a great fun at the same time I’m learning!!

    Many thanks,

  2. Wondering if there is a video for 3.2 Biomes?  I see from the other comments that others have not been able to find the video as well.  Also, is there an outline I should be following or, possibly, a workbook?  Thanks so much!

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