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104 The Contents Of The Cubital Fossa

March 11

In this video episode, Leslie talks more about the three contents of the cubital fossa. Also, learn about which part of the forearm nurses use to take someone’s blood pressure by watching this video. Enjoy! Transcript of Today’s Episode Hello and welcome to another episode of Interactive Biology TV where we’re making Biology fun. My . . .

Blood Pressure and its Regulation

August 7

When we think about blood pressure it is the mean arterial pressure that is monitored and regulated by the body. It is the force of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps blood to the systemic tissues of the body. It is not the arterial systolic or diastolic or pulse . . .

058 Net Hydrostatic Pressure and Filtration Pressure

May 31

How do the differences in hydrostatic and osmotic pressures affect the flow of blood within the circulatory system and to the different parts of the body? What is filtration pressure and how are these affected during abnormal conditions such as having a high blood pressure? Watch and learn with Leslie as he explains further about this topic.