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Noun, pl. funiculi or funicles

1. Any of several cordlike structures, especially the umbilical cord, or a bundle of nerve fibres in the spinal cord. (

2. In neurology, a bundle of nerve fibers. (

3. The umbilical cord attaching a fetus to the placenta during pregnancy. (

4. The spermatic cord (Funiculus spermaticus). (

1. In insect antennae, the segment connecting the club with the base. (

1. The cord which attaches the peridioles (the “eggs”) to the peridium (the “nest”) in some species of the bird’s nest fungi. (

1. A stalk that connects the seed (or ovule) with the placenta. (

2. The stalk attaching an ovule to the ovary wall in a flower or fruit. (

Word origin: Latin funiculus for “slender rope,” diminutive from fūnis (“cord”) + –culus.

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