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/ˈôrbit/ Noun, plural orbits 1. A circular or elliptical path of one object around another object. ( 2. A sphere of influence; an area of control. ( 3. The course of one’s usual progression, or the extent of one’s typical range. ( (Anatomy) 1. The bony cavity containing the eyeball; the eye socket. ( 2. The bony cavity perforated for the passage of nerves and blood vessels that occupies the lateral front of the skull immediately beneath the frontal bone on each side and encloses and protects the eye and its appendages. ( Syn: eye socket, orbital cavity, cranial orbit (Physics) 1. The path an electron takes around an atom’s nucleus. ( (Mathematics) 1. A collection of points related by the evolution function of a dynamical system. ( Verb 1. Move in an orbit Word origin: From Old French orbite or directly from Medieval Latin orbita, transferred use of Latin orbita “wheel track, beaten path, rut, course,...

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