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/ˈmandəbəl/ Noun, pl. mandibles 1. A bone forming the skull with the cranium. ( 2. One of a pair of mouthparts of an arthropod designed for holding food. ( 3. It is hinged to open the mouth.The ‘jaw’ of vertebrates responsible for crunching down food materials into a swallow-able form. ( 4. Either of the upper and lower parts of a bird’s beak. (Google Dictionary) 5. Any of various invertebrate mouthparts serving to hold or bite food materials; especially : either member of the anterior pair of mouth appendages of an arthropod often forming strong biting jaws. ( 6. In humans, forms the lower jaw and holds the lower teeth in place. ( Syn: lower jaw, jawbone, mandibula, mandibular bone, submaxilla, lower jawbone, jowl, inferior maxillary bone Word origin: From Late Latin mandibula “jaw,” from Latin mandere “to...

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