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/ˈlābēəl/  Adjective 1. Of or pertaining to the lips or labia. ( 2. (Dentistry) The tooth surface next to your lips or things mounted on the tooth surfaces next to your lips. ( 3. Of, resembling, or serving as a lip, liplike part, or labium. (Google...

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/ˈlābēəm/ Noun, pl. labia (Anatomy) 1. A liplike structure; especially one of the two pairs of folds of skin either side of the vulva. ( 2. There are two pairs of labia (lips) at the entrance to the vagina. They are the labia majora (the larger outside pair) and the labia minora (the smaller inside pair). Together they form part of the vulva (the female external genitalia). ( (Botany) 1. The lip of a labiate corolla. ( (Entomology) 1. A fused mouthpart that forms the floor of the mouth of an insect. (Google Dictionary) (Music) 1. The lip against which pressured air is driven in a flue pipe in an organ. ( Word origin: Latin word for...

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/ˈlābrəm/  /ˈlabrəm/ Noun, pl. labra (Entomology) 1. A flap-like structure that lies immediately in front of the mouth in almost all extant euarthropods, the general exception being provided by the probable chelicerate-relatives the pycnogonids. In entomology, the labrum is the upper lip of an insect mouth, the lower lip being termed the labium. ( 2. The uppermost of the mouthparts (trophi) of a typical insect, such as a cockroach. Typically resembles an upper lip and forms part of the roof of the mouth in such insects. ( (Anatomy) 1. Any of several lip-like projections. ( 2. Also refers to labium. 3. A fibrocartilaginous lip around the margin of the concave portion of some joints. ( Word origin: From Latin labrum, cognate with labium...

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