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/ˈiskēəm/ Noun, pl. ischia 1. Forms the lower and back part of the hip bone. Situated below the ilium and behind the pubis, it is one of these three bones whose fusion creates the coxa. The superior portion of this bone forms approximately one third of the acetabulum. It is made up of three portions: body of ischium superior ramus of the ischium inferior ramus of the ischium ( 2. The lowest of the three bones that make up each side of the pelvis. ( 3. The curved bone forming the base of each half of the pelvis. (Google Dictionary) 4. (Entomology) One of the pleurae of an insect. ( Syn: seat bone, huckle bone, ischial bone Word origin: From Latin, from Greek iskhion “hip joint,” in plural, “the hips,” probably from iskhi “loin,” of unknown...

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Islet of Langerhans

/ˈlaNGərˌhanz/  /ˈläNGərˌhäns/ Plural, islets of Langerhans 1. The regions of the pancreas that contain its endocrine (i.e., hormone-producing) cells. Discovered in 1869 by German pathological anatomist Paul Langerhans at the age of 22, the islets of Langerhans constitute approximately 1 to 2% of the mass of the pancreas. ( 2. Regions in the pancreas that contain its endocrine cells ( 3. Irregular clusters of endocrine cells scattered throughout the tissue of the pancreas that secrete insulin and glucagon. ( Syn: Islands of Langerhans, isles of...

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