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/inˈtegyəmənt/  Noun, pl. integuments 1. A general term in biology that refers most commonly to the natural covering of an organism or an organ, such as its skin, husk, shell, or rind (; The outer protective covering of (the body of) an organism, such as cuticle, fur, shell, rind, seed coat, etc.; the skin including the glands and appendages such as hair, nails, feathers, scales, horns, hooves and claws ( 2. (Biology) An outer protective covering such as the feathers or skin of an animal, a rind or shell. ( 3. (Botany) The outer layer of an ovule, which develops into the seed coat (; The outer cell layers of the ovule enclosing the nucellus. ( Word origin: From Latin integumentum “a covering,” from integere “to cover over,” from in- “in, upon” + tegere “to...

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Verb 1. (Geology) interleaved, formed in distinctly alternating layers. ( 2. Interpolate (an intercalary period) in a calendar. (Google Dictionary) 3. Insert (something) between layers in a crystal lattice, geological formation, or other structure. (Google Dictionary) 4. Interposed; inserted between two others. ( Word origin: From Latin intercalatus, past participle of intercalare “to proclaim the insertion of an intercalary day,” from inter- “between” + calare...

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/ˌintərdiˈpendənt/ Adjective 1. Mutually dependent; reliant on one another. ( 2. relating to two or more people or things dependent on each other. ( Word origin: Latin inter (prep., adv.) “among, between, betwixt, in the midst of,” + from French dépendant (adjective and noun), properly present participle of dépendre “to hang down,” also “to depend,” from Latin...

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/ˌintərˈdijiˌtāt/ Verb 1. tr. v. To fold or lock together, as when the fingers of one hand are laced between those of the other. 2. int. v. To become folded or locked together, like the fingers of a folded hand. 3. tr. v., figuratively To intermingle; to present alternately items from one group and then another. Word origin: From inter- + Latin digitus, “digit” +...

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Noun 1. An interlinking that resembles the fingers of two hands being locked together. ( 2. The state of interdigitating; interdigital space....

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