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/ˌin(h)iˈbiSHən/ Noun, pl. inhibitions 1. the act of inhibiting (; The action of inhibiting, restricting, or hindering a process (Google Dictionary). 2. (Psychology) A personal feeling of fear or embarrassment that stops one behaving naturally. (; A feeling that makes one self-conscious and unable to act in a relaxed and natural way (Google Dictionary); The interference with or prevention of a behavioural or verbal response even though the stimulus for that response is present; in psychoanalysis the unconscious restraining of an instinctual process. 3. (Chemistry) The process of stopping or retarding a chemical reaction. ( 4. A voluntary or involuntary restraint on the direct expression of an instinct (Google Dictionary) 5. The slowing or prevention of a process, reaction, or function by a particular substance (Google Dictionary) Word origin: From Old French inibicion and directly from Latin inhibitionem (nominative inhibitio) “a restraining,” from past participle stem of inhibere “to hold in, hold back, keep back,” from in- “in, on” + habere “to hold”. Psychological sense of “involuntary check on an expression of an impulse” is from...

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