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Adjective 1. Of lower quality. ( 2. Of lower rank. ( 3. Located below. ( 4. In botany, inside the flower stalk below the petals. Said of an ovary. ( 5. Of an ovary, at least partly below the level of attachment of the other floral parts. ( Word origin: From Latin inferior “lower, further down” (also used figuratively), comparative of inferus (adj.) “that is below or beneath,” from infra...

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Noun, pl. infundibula Anatomy 1. A funnel-shaped cavity or organ. ( Brain: Infundibulum and infundibular stalk are alternative names for the pituitary stalk, the connection between the hypothalamus and the pars nervosa hypophyseos (the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland). Hair: An infundibulum is the cup or funnel in which a hair follicle grows. Heart: The infundibulum of the heart, or conus arteriosus, is the outflow portion of the right ventricle. Kidney: In the collecting system of the kidney, urine flows from the calyces (the minor calyx and the major calyx), through the infundibula into the renal pelves. Lungs: The alveolar sacs of the lungs, from which the air chambers (alveoli) open, are also called infundibula. Avian lungs: the tubular extension from the atrium which continues to form air capillaries is called infundibulum. Nose: The ethmoidal infundibulum is the most important of three infundibula of the nose: the frontal infundibulum and the maxillary infundibulum flow into it. Ovary: The Infundibulum of uterine tube is the funnel-like end of the mammal oviduct nearest to the ovary. ( 2.(Zoology) A central cavity in the Ctenophora, into which the gastric sac leads; the siphon of Cephalopoda. ( Word origin: From Latin infundibulum, literally “a funnel,” from infundere “to pour into” + -bulum, suffix forming names of instruments. In some cases a loan-translation into Latin of Greek khoane...

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