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Heschl’s gyri

Found in the area of primary auditory cortex buried within the lateral sulcus of the human brain, occupying Brodmann areas 41. It is the first cortical structure to process incoming auditory information. Anatomically, the transverse temporal gyri are distinct in that they run mediolaterally (towards the center of the brain), rather than front to back as all other temporal lobe gyri run. The transverse temporal gyri are active during auditory processing under fMRI for tone and semantic tasks.( Syn: transverse temporal gyri, Heschl’s convolutions Name origin: Named after Richard L....

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Hesselbach’s triangle

A region of the abdominal wall. It is defined by the following structures: Medial border: Lateral margin of the rectus sheath, also called linea semilunaris Superolateral border: Inferior epigastric vessels Inferior border: Inguinal ligament, sometimes referred to as Poupart’s ligament This can be remembered by the mnemonic RIP (as direct inguinal hernias rip directly through the abdominal wall). (   Syn: Inguinal triangle Name origin: Named after Franz Kaspar...

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