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Globus pallidus

Noun 1. A sub-cortical structure of the brain. It is part of the telencephalon, but retains close functional ties with the subthalamus – both of which are part of the extrapyramidal motor system. ( 2. (Anatomy) the inner part of the lenticular nucleus of the brain. ( 3. The median portion of the lentiform nucleus—called also pallidum. ( Syn: paleostriatum Word Origin: From Latin pallidus “pale, colorless,” from root of pallere” be...

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/glōˈmeryələs/ Noun, pl. glomeruli 1. A network (tuft) of capillaries that performs the first step of filtering blood in the kidneys. ( 2. A small intertwined group of capillaries within nephrons of the kidney that filter the blood to make urine. ( 3. Any of several other similar intertwined masses of things. ( 4. A small intertwined group of capillaries in the malpighian body; glomeruli filter blood during urine formation. A closely knitted structure of capillaries found in vertebrate kidneys that is responsible for filtering the blood, by reabsorbing useful materials and excreting waste materials from the bloodstream and excretory organs. ( Word origin: From Latin glomerare “to roll up,” from glomus “a ball of thread” (cf....

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A Greek word meaning “tongue” or “language”, used in several English words including gloss, glossary, glossitis, and others.

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/ˈgläsəl/  /ˈglô-/ Adjective 1. Of, or relating to the tongue. ( 2. Of the tongue; lingual. (Google Dictionary) (Dentistry) 1. The tooth surface next to your tongue or things mounted on the tooth surfaces next to your tongue. ( Word origin: From Greek glossa...

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