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/ˈfrenyələm/ Noun, pl. fraenulums, frenulums 1. A small fold of tissue that secures or restricts the motion of a mobile organ in the body. ( 2. A small fold or ridge of tissue that supports or checks the motion of the part to which it is attached, in particular a fold of skin beneath the tongue, or between the lip and the gum. (Google Dictionary) 3. (In some moths and butterflies) A bristle or row of bristles on the edge of the hind wing that keeps it in contact with the forewing. (Google Dictionary) Syn: Frenum, pl. frena Word origin: Latin frēnulum, “little bridle”, the diminutive of...

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/ˈfrəntl/ Adjective 1. Of, relating to, directed toward, or situated at the front: a frontal attack. ( (Anatomy) 2. Of or relating to the forehead or frontal bone. ( 3. Of or relating to the frontal plane. ( 4. Belonging to the front part. ( 5. Of or adjacent to the forehead or frontal bone. ( Word origin: From Modern Latin frontalis, from front-, stem of frons “brow, forehead”. Or in some cases probably from front (n.) + adjectival suffix...

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