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/ˈfälikəl/ Noun 1. A small spherical group of cells containing a cavity. ( 2. A small cavity or sac, such as a hair follicle. ( 3. (Botany) a. A type of primitive dry fruit produced by certain flowering plants. ( b. A kind of fruit formed from a single carpel, that splits to release its seeds. ( 4. (Gynaecology, Physiology) An ovarian follicle, an oocyte surrounded by one or more layers of granulosa cells. As the ovarian follicle develops a cavity forms and it is then termed a Graafian follicle. Any small spherical group of cells containing a cavity.A small sac-like cavity. ( Word origin: From French follicule or directly from Latin folliculus “little bag,” diminutive of follis “bellows, inflated ball,” from PIE *bhol-n-, suffixed form of root *bhel- “to blow,...

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