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/ˈfalsəˌfôrm/ Adjective 1. Curved like a sickle; hooked. (Google Dictionary) 2. Sickle-shaped. ( 3. Having a crescentic or sickle shape. ( Syn: Falcate, falcated Word origin: From Latin falc- (stem of falx (“sickle”)) + English –i– +‎ -form...

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Noun, pl. plural falxes or falces 1. A Latin word originally meaning sickle, but was later used to mean any of a number of tools that had a curved blade that was sharp on the inside edge such as a scythe. Falx was also used to mean a weapon, particularly that of the Thracians and Dacians, and later a siege hook used by the Romans themselves. ( 2. (Anatomy) A curved fold or process of the dura mater or the peritoneum; especially, one of the partition like folds of the dura mater which extend into the great fissures of the brain....

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