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1. A term used in several areas of biology to mean shedding of various parts of an organism. In plant sciences, it most commonly refers to the process by which a plant drops one or more of its parts, such as a leaf, fruit, flower or seed. (

2. (Zoology)
The term may be used to describe the intentional shedding of a body part, such as the shedding of a claw husk, or the autotomy of a tail to evade a predator. In mycology, it may refer to the liberation of a fungal spore. (

3. (Cell biology)
Refers to the separation of two daughter cells at the completion of cytokinesis. (

2. (Botany)
The normal shedding from a plant of an organ that is mature or aged, for example a ripe fruit, an old leaf. (

Word origin: From the Latin ab meaning away and scindere meaning to cut.

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