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Hi all,

In an effort to make the internet a better place, by providing all of the resources I currently do, my websites have managed to get a significant amount of exposure. They reach thousands of people all over the world, every month. In November alone, we had over 95,000 individuals access the site. The natural result is that I tend to receive a bunch of email.

I’ve recently realized I spend more time shuffling through my inbox and less time focused on the task at hand. It has become an unnecessary distraction that ultimately creates longer lead times on my ever-growing ‘to do’ list.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not take special requests for specific videos, tutoring, or one-on-one support. If you have a question concerning if I have resources on a particular topic, please check my Physiology, Anatomy and High School Biology videos. If it’s not there, that’s because I don’t have it available and I don’t know when it will be available. I’m trying my best to deliver as much value as possible, but it will take time to cover all the various topics within biology.

If you have a question regarding partnership, support, or even a testimonial, please don’t hesitate to send your message via the form below.

Thank you for your consideration!

Leslie Samuel

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