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Chapter 34 slides: Protection, Support and Locomotion

I’ve decided from here on out to include the slides and the handout in the same post. Below you will find both the slides and the handout for the chapter on Protection, Support and Locomotion, dealing with the skin, skeletal system, and muscular system. I go into the structure and functions of all three, and get into some of the exciting details of how the skin is involved in temperature regulation, how the skeletal system is there for our protection and how muscle contraction actually happens.

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Chapter 11 Presentation – DNA and Genes

These are the actual presentation slides for Chapter 11 in Biology, The Dynamics of Life. You can go through it at your own pace and learn about the wonders of DNA, how this Blueprint results in the production of proteins, and how that results in an organism’s traits. It also covers the topic of Mutations. It’s amazing to think that inside each cell, as tiny as they are, you can find the information that results in all of this complexity that we see. Enjoy!

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Chapter 10 Presentation: Mendel and Meiosis

In this presentation, I give an introduction to the wonderful field of Genetics. Of course, I start with Gregor Mendel and his contributions to what we understand about Genetics today. I spend some time dealing with his work on pea plants and talk about the laws of Heredity. The presentation continues with the process of meiosis and ends with mistakes that can happen in the process.

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