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Category: Genetics

The DNA and Genes Game

So you think you understand DNA and Genes? You say you know how the process of transcription works? Yeah yeah, you even understand translation, and you are an expert on Mutations because you’ve watched X-Men ten times. Go ahead and test your knowledge by playing the DNA and Genes Game. Go on, I dear ya!

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Video: Mutations

In this section, I talk about changes to DNA Sequence, a.k.a Mutations. Mutations can lead to some significant problems, but in some cases, they can also lead to a trait that is beneficial to an organism, helping it better survive in its particular environment. There are different types of mutations, and these different types vary in how much of a difference they can make in an organism’s genetic code. Any change to the genetic code can result in a change in the proteins, which can result in a significant change in an organism’s traits.

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Video: From DNA to Protein

DNA is expressed and put into action through proteins. These proteins are involved in structural support and they also act as enzymes. Enzymes are involved in all of the chemical reactions that happen in the body. In this lecture, I first talk about the relationship between DNA and Protein and how this relationship leads to all of the traits that an organism expresses. I then go into the differences between DNA and RNA.

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Video: DNA, the Molecule of Heredity

Deoxyribonucleic Acid – You know, the word that everyone likes to say. The blueprint of all living organism that controls every trait that an organism expresses. It makes you who you are, because it is the foundation of who you are. In this lecture, I talk about the structure of DNA. It is a polymer that is made up of subunits called nucleotides. DNA controls our traits through the production of protein and these proteins are responsible for all functions of life.

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The Mendel and Meiosis Game

So you’ve been studying about Mendel and Meiosis. You went through Presentation and probably even watched the the lecture videos. Now it’s time to test your knowledge with this fun version of the game Deal or no Deal. However, this game is Grade or no Grade. No Million dollars but a lot of fun, while learning.

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Video: Section 10.2 – Meiosis

Meiosis is a process that body cells undergo that results in the production of gametes (sex cells). The male gamete is the sperm and the female gamete is the egg. When a cell undergoes meiosis, the end result is 4 gametes, with half as much genetic information (haploid). In this section, I talk about Chromosomes and genes and how the process of Meiosis plays a vital role in living things. I also go through the steps of Meiosis in some detail.

At the end, I talk about mistakes that can happen in Meiosis and how this can either lead to significant problems or (in some cases) benefits, depending on the organism involved.

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Video: Mendel’s Laws of Heredity

Gregor Mendel is known as the Father of Modern Genetics. His work on pea plants form the basis for what we know about how traits are passed on from Parents to Offspring. In this video, I deal with his Laws of Heredity and also with some terms that are essential to our understanding of genetics. We look at the Punnett Square and how it’s useful in making predictions. Why do you look the way you look and what role do your genes place? These are some of the exciting concepts I cover in this section.

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