Heart myocardium and coronary vessels diagram

Show me a diagram of the human heart? Here are a bunch!

Leslie Samuel The Circulatory System 33 Comments

The human heart is a magnificent organ. The adult heart pumps about 1,500 to 2,000 gallons per day. I’m not going to get into a lot of details about the heart in the post right now because I’m gonna get more into it later. I’ve been trying to find a bunch of diagrams and pictures for my blog and I found some great stuff. I just wanted to post a few pictures of the human heart, because I think they are amazing.

There are some regular pictures and some 3d pictures of the human heart. If you click on the images, you will see them in Full Size. Feel free to download and use them as necessary. However, if you do that, make sure to retain the copyright info on those containing the copyright info.

Systole and Diastole

Systole and Diastole



Heart - Numbered

Heart – Numbered

Oblique View of Human Heart-Exterior

Oblique View of Human Heart

Heart myocardium and coronary vessels diagram

Heart myocardium and coronary vessels diagram


Normal anatomy of the human heart, anterior view

heart left oblique view

Heart, Left Oblique View

Heart Apical 4-Chamber Anatomy

Heart Apical 4-Chamber Anatomy

Heart Attack, Public Domain

Heart Attack

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  1. Bernadetta Falt

    Samuel, I (56 years old) am studying to become an EKG technician. I have a great book, “Understanding EKG’s – A practical Approach” by Brenda Beasley. As detailed as it was, I would of never gotten through this course without your web site. You put everything into perspective with your techniques vs. just reading it. I have recommended your site to other students and will return as I continue my medical journey. Thank you!

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      Leslie Samuel

      Well thanks for the feedback Bernadetta. So glad to hear that you are finding value in the site, and thank you so much for sharing it with others. You’re Awesome!

  2. most grateful student

    thank you so much, this website has helped immensely in studying for exams could you perhaps explain the major vessels of the heart as i need a deeper understanding of them. thanks
    most grateful student.
    P.S. Aorta, Vena Cava, Pulmonary Artery and Pulmonary vein.

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  3. SUE

    I have seen your video ( on different EKG subjects ) & it was simple, Clear , most of all, very easy understand & learn. I wish you were our school teacher!



  4. MP

    I wish you were my teacher back in the day – maybe I wouldn’t have done so bad in science! (P.S. I am 50 years old and came upon your site when looking for a diagram of the heart just for my own knowledge.)

  5. riya singh

    Thankyou very much sir . Your shared knowledge is very useful for us .I am grateful to you sir,as knowledge is only precious thing one have in life and you are sharing it with us . Thanks again.

  6. RIYA

    Thankyou very much sir.It is very helpful for us .knowledge is most precious thing one has in his life and you are sharing it with us .Thanks again.

    1. Erma

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