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Video: Following Digestion of a Meal

Do you like to eat? I do, and since I’m a biologist, I like to also look at what happens in our bodies when we take stuff in. In this lecture, I first deal with the functions of the digestive system. We then take a journey through the digestive system by following your food from your mouth all the way through your body and even through the elimination of waste.

I also talk about enzymes like amylase in the saliva, pepsin in the stomach and bile from the liver and how those enzymes help in the process of digestion. So go ahead and join me on this journey through the digestive tract.

This is section 35.1 in the textbook Biology: The Dynamics of Life and is part of the chapter on The Digestive and Endocrine Systems.


  • The Functions of the Digestive System
  • A Journey through the digestive tract

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