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071 The Five Causes of Disease

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071 The Five Causes of Disease

If disease is altered cell biology, what then are the factors that cause diseases? What are things that can change the cell’s condition? Watch and listen as Leslie discusses the five causes of diseases. Whatever the disease is, they will always be attributed to one of the five causes. Sounds simple, right?

Hope you have fun!

Transcript of Today’s Episode

Hello and welcome to another episode of Interactive Biology TV where we’re making Biology fun. My name is Leslie Samuel, and in this video, I’m going to be talking about the five causes of disease.

Last episode, Episode 70, we spoke about what a disease is, and if you watched that video, you’ll know that a disease at some level, is some kind of altered cell biology. So, what we’re talking about now is five causes of altered cell biology. If you need to revisit that episode, just head back over to Episode 70, and you’ll learn about that.

What are the five causes of disease?

Cause number one is adaptation. What we’re saying here is that there’s some kind of an injurious agent that comes into the environment of a cell, and the cell tries to adapt to that agent, and that can cause altered cell biology.

Number one is adaptation. Number two is injury. There is an injurious agent the cell tries to adapt, and it does certain things to try to adapt, and at a certain point, it can no longer adapt, and the cell becomes injured.

Cause number one, adaptation. Cause number two, injury. And, then, if we go one step beyond that, there’s cellular death. So, the cell tries to adapt, it gets injured, and if that injurious agent stays around for long enough, that can cause the cells to die.

So, cause number one, we have adaptation. Cause number two, we have injury. And, cause number three, cellular death. And then, there’s a fourth cause, and this is called neoplasia. And, what this is is when there’s something that causes the cell to uncontrollably divide. In other words, we’re talking here about cancer. So, the fourth cause of altered cell biology is neoplasia.

And then, the last cause, cause number five is aging. The cells get older, and as they get older, certain things happen that cause the cell’s biology to be altered.

So, there we have it, the five causes. Cause number one is, adaptation. Cause number two is injury. Cause number three is cellular death. Cause number four is neoplasia. And, cause number five is aging.

I don’t care what disease you’re talking about, but we can fit all of them into one or more of these five causes.

That’s it for this video. My name is Leslie Samuel from I want to invite you to go back to the website, and check out other videos that we have, and other resources to help make Biology fun.

That’s it for this video, and I’ll see you on the next one.

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