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My 2010 Edublog Awards nominations

When doing my usual “scan of the internet”, I started coming across the edublog awards and was very impressed by the initiative. In short, the goal of the awards is to promote and demonstrate the educational value of blogs and other social websites. Well, the 2010 nomination process has begin and I thought it would be cool to join in the process, because of how much I care about education.

So what should you do? If you are a blogger or site owner, I would like to encourage you to nominate websites and blogs for the edublog awards.

To nominate you need to:
  • Post your nominations on your blog, link to them and link to the Edublog Awards site
  • Use the form at the bottom of the Awards homepage to send in a link to your nominations

If you consider this website to be one that provides value, I would encourage you to nominate it. You can nominate any blog/site for as many categories as you would like.

That being said, here are my edublog awards nominations:

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