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Principles of Ecology (Powerpoint Slides) – Chapter 2

Leslie Samuel Biology 1, Powerpoint Slides 2 Comments

These slides go into some of the basic principles of ecology and how organisms interact with each other and the environment. I also go into nutrition and energy flow.

Click on “Fullscreen” to project the full presentation. Enjoy!

Here are the actual lecture videos for this section:

Here’s the handout:


Ho Samuel Your materials sound fun and interesting. I work with Arab students - for whom English is a truely foreign language and its a big challenge getting the students to try to learn anything or even read very much. I was hoping to get access to some of your biology videos that I can use in class but our internet connection is not good. So I need the files downloaded so it can work - but I dont seem to be able to access your files for downloading Is this correct or am I slow at all this. many thanks Claire - Bahrain


thanks for the information you keep providing us with it has been very helpful........